Inventory of Fixed Assets

We can allied ourselves to carry out the project of control and management of institutional fixed assets.

Our service contemplates activities for its integral or partial development, according to your needs.

The inventory of fixed assets includes the processes of:

  • Planning the physical take under the standards NIIF – IFRS.
  • Physical verification and registration.
  • Digital Input/Output of your inventories – photographic recording.
  • Physical and accounting settlement.
  • Estimation of the fair value, residual value and accounting and / or fiscal deterioration.
  • Dynamic migration of your inventory to a technological platform.
  • Report of the results to keep your organization updated.
  • Advice to define procedures on the asset control.



  • Manage and control fixed assets (purchase, use and withdrawal).
  • Maintain reliable and updated information by cost center and the responsible person.
  • Promote a culture of fixed assets control within your organization.


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